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F200 smart tax fight ticket machine

  • F200 smart tax fight ticket machine
  • F200 smart tax fight ticket machine
Model No.︰F200
Brand Name︰NZY
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰50 n
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Product Description


Taken the optimization of the Windows XP operating system, boot, shutdown faster, existing computer software can run, also can cancel the virus attacks

Taken the 8 "1024 x768 color LCD with touch screen, touch and various web browsing

U mobile, local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (LAN), a variety of communication networks are optional

Taken the built-in 9 needles printer

Second, the detailed description:

Product performance

Microsoft Windows XP operating system

CPU Intel Atom E6XX series, the main frequency optional 600 MHZ / 1.0 GHz / 1.3 GHz / 1.6 GHz;

512 KB supports hyper-threading, the second level cache;

The integrated chipset, system bus 800 MHZ frequency;

Integrated high-definition graphics, including 2 d / 3 d graphics engine, 256 MB ram, support OpenGL 1.0, DirectX9.0 c * * ES2.0, OpenVG *, support mainstream MPEG2 and MPEG4,'s VC1, WMV9, h. 264 coding of hd 1080 p video output

512 MB / 1 gb DDR2 memory

The Chip Set Intel Topcliff PCH EG20T

Network equipment RTL8111D gigabit nics chips

Hard disk storage device electron is the largest 128 gb

RGB LCD screen 8.0 "TFT, resolution: 1024 x 768, rotating screen Angle

Touch screen resistive, supporting the handwritten Chinese character input

Small features standard PC keyboard parts of the keyboard, a total of 28 key

Dual channel stereo audio

Printers 9 needles, roll width of 76 mm, roll diameter of 60 mm biggest, can print 1-3 coupon ticket

Wireless Mini PCIe WiFi communication module is optional; The Mini PCIe 2 g / 3 g communication module is optional

RFID reading head 13.56 MHz, optional

Caller id support FSK and DTMF double system, optional

SD booth 2

SIM booth 1

Serial port 2, one is a fully functional serial interface, can be an external barcode gun, MIS - POS or display screen

USB 3, can meet the standard PC keyboard, mouse, U disk, U Key

So 1, standard RJ45 socket, connect the network cable

Line 1 mouth, can be inserted into the extension telephone line

1 VGA port, the large screen display

Outside guest show power supply port 1, used to briefly show screen supply 5 v DC power supply

Cashbox pin 1, optional

1 for electrical outlet, access to 24 v DC power supply

The battery 11.1 V, 3000 ma, three batteries, lithium polymer battery, can be in power grid power failure, to maintain the machine work more than 2 hours

The power supply 24 v, 3 a power adapter


Typical applications

Networking invoice printing

Low tax bureau website

Low trading online tax declaration

Low download electronic invoice

Low anti-fake invoices to print

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